Heloisa da Silva Porto has been on a healing and spiritual path since her adolescence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her commitment to serve as healer/therapist became clear in 1995, when she had a spiritual awakening in a sweat lodge.

Throughout her healing journey Heloisa has developed a broad understanding of the body-mind-spirit interconnection and a depth of empathy, compassion and intuition for other people's emotional and spiritual processes.

Her work evolved from a combination of approaches based on various traditions and supported by her natural healing gifts. She has also been heavily influenced by her life experiences as a mother of five, a farmer, a teacher and an artist. Some of her gifts are: a strong intuition, an ability to communicate with the unconscious, a keen perception of energies in the physical /emotional / spiritual bodies, healing hands, a sharp clarity on relationships dynamics and her ability to be a safe container for people's inner growth.

She demonstrates a spontaneous delight in expressing energies through sounds, movement/dance and/or visual art. This non-verbal enthusiasm inspires others to use their own methods to creatively express whatever emotions are in their bodies . Heloisa has a powerful earthy presence. She is deeply grounded which enables her to meet, support and lovingly encompass each person’s energies, however needy or challenging they might be. Her love for the Earth and the Divine Mystery permeate her gentle yet strong leadership in Sweat-lodge Ceremonies.

Heloisa established her private practice in Toronto in 1995. She has also worked as an Expressive Arts Therapist with special needs children at Muki Baum Association 1999 -2001. She co-founded the Institute for Shamanic Psychotherapy (1996- 2001). And she is the founder and director of and The Shamanic Psychotherapy School -2005- 2011. Now closed.

She holds several certifications: Shamanic Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Spirit Releasement Therapy TM , Past life Regression Therapy, Sandplay Therapy, Reconnective Healing TM , Therapeutic Touch, Holodynamics, Soul Retrieval, Kundalini Yoga Teacher among others; and yet her main gift is to be in the moment, fully present to the other person 's process, creating a safe, strong and loving container; surrendering to the deep knowing and trusting the mystery of healing.

Background training and Experience

Movement as a way of healing and integrating emotional blocks. Experiential training in Biodanza (4 years) - 1984 - Brazil 
Group Facilitator in Bio-dance for 4 years, 1993-1996 Canada
Studies in Bioenergetics2000/2001. Brazil 1984, and Canada()
Color therapy and chakra energy alignment (4 years practitioner) - Brazil 1980-84
Iridology and naturopathy and Bach Flowers Medicine (1 year Course) 2 year practitioner- Brazil 1989-1991
Nutrition 2 years at the Brasilia University - Brazil (1989-91)
Expressive Arts Therapy - Cresça -School of Integrated Arts - Brazil 1989-1990 Course and Practicum.
Expressive Arts Therapist at Muki Baum Association Toronto,1999-2001
Basics of Chinese Medicine, Tai chi and Chi Gong (6 months course) - Toronto 1994
Transpersonal Therapy - (Gestalt, Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanism, and other modalities) at The Transpersonal Therapy Center - Toronto, 1994-95
Shamanic Psychotherapy - Individual Apprenticeship, with Don Evans and Robin Noya, Toronto, 1995-96
Sweat lodge Master - Training and Initiation with Robin Noya - 1997
Sandplay Therapy - Training at CAST Toronto, 2000-2004 Certification pending
Holodynamics -Certified Facilitator. Aurora, ON 2000-2001 Instructed by Chris Vlasaty and Vernon Wolf.
Sound Therapy Course. (2 levels) With Gary Diggings, Toronto, 2000-2001
Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection -Certified Practitioner - 2002, L.A. CA instructed by the founder Dr. Eric Pearl.
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy - certified Hypnotherapist by The Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Institute of Toronto, 2003.
Past Life Regression Therapy - certification at the Hypno-Healing Institute - 2003
Spirit Releasement Therapy - Basic Intensive Course certification at the Institute for Human Relations - Dr. William and Rev Judith Baldwin - Orlando FL. - Sep. 2003
Spirit Releasement Therapy - 7 days intensive Intermediate course - Rev. Judith Baldwin - Orlando, FL - Sep. 2005
Spirit Releasement Therapy - 7 days intensive Advanced course - Rev. Judith Baldwin - Orlando, FL - Oct. 2006
Soul Retrieval - Four Winds Society - teaching of Alberrto Villoldo - BC Canada , April 2006
Certfied Kundalini Yoga Teacher - Dec 2006

Apprenticeship with Peruvian Shaman Don Cezar Augustine Rivas - Viejo - 2007 - 2009

Joanna Macy's intensive 2009 and 2011

Aprenticeship in Africa with Mandaza 2011

Other workshops with Mandaza - 2010, 2011, 2012

Grief Ritual with Sobunfu Some - June 2011

Rituals with Malidoma Some: Aug 2011 Fire Ritual, Nov 2013 Beyi the taste of the name

Chi Nei Tsang Foundation I with Kadro Aug 2012

Amazon Flower essence weekend workshop July 2012 in NY with Maria Alice Campos Freire

Amazon Flower Essences Baisc2 and advanced cycles of life with Maria Alicec Campos Freire May 2013 in Ceu do Mapia, Amazon

Yoga and meditation practitioner for more then 35 years

Heloisa is member of:

The steering committee of SHCN - The Spirituality in Health Care Network
CAPT - Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapies

Heloisa has offered seminars in places such as:

Centenial College- "Shamanism: a practical tool for daily living", 1998
Community Building International Conference - "Body Consciousness through movement", Guelph, 2001
Therapeutic Touch Event - Exploring Shamanism , May 2002
SHCN - Healing Souls - Spirit Attachment and Spirit Releasement Therapy - June 2004
Wonder Works - 2003, 2004 and 2005 : lecture and workshops
Eternal Moment book store: Spirit Attachment and Spirit Releasement Therapy - May 2005